Chances are that Apple didn’t copy, but the similarities between the OpenMoko FIC Neo1973 smartphone and the iPhone are worth pointing out.  Open Moko is a Linux based, GPS equipped, quad-band phone. It’s expected to be available in the next several months.

According to, the phone will ship with limited features, but because it’s open-source, 3rd party applications can be made and will be available through “feeds.” The picture above shows the similarities in looks.  They’re just about the same size, have about the same look, and the user interface also has several similarities. Not to mention, it will be much more affordable at $350, without a contract.

Sean Moss-Pultz, an FIC product development manager says, “One goal is give back to people creating this revolution. If you’re going to hack on it, I’ll give you a discount — or something cool.” Meaning, if you’re going to put some work in to create cool applications to enhance the phone, you’ll be given a discount. Clearly, FIC is trying to get people to develop it and take it to a new level.

So, while it’s highly unlikely that either copied of of eachother, it is still interesting to point out the similarities in look and general size (although the iPhone is quite a bit thinner than the OpenMoko Neo1973). It will give people an alternative if they’re not wanting to fork out the money for the iPhone.

And while we’re talking about the iPhone, checkout the Video below for a pretty cool demo.

News Source: Gizmodo