Get legal. Get has proudly released version 2.0.3 to the public. You can download it now and enjoy the fruits of their labor with some wonderful new features and enhancements:

  • performance improvements: for example, a 23 percent improvement in certain Calc benchmarks
  • further improvements to file format compatibility with Microsoft Office files
  • new email integration features for users wanting to send emails in Microsoft file formats
  • more control over how exported PDF documents will display when opened in a PDF reader
  • support for more languages and improvements in hyphenation and thesaurus
  • support for Intel architecture for Mac OS X plus improved Mac OS X System integration
  • built-in check for updated versions

The speed improvement in Calc is pretty amazing when you think about how quick it was to begin with! Also note that they are pushing even harder to ensure complete compatibility with the Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft better watch out because is creeping up just much like how Firefox is gaining on Internet Explorer!