openoffice website

As we pointed out yesterday in our Daily Downloads the new version of 2.4 has been released, and here’s an overview of the new features. In my opinion that is not the most exciting news though. To go along with the new release they’ve also revamped their website, and I have to say that they did an incredible job with it.

The screenshot above is what the homepage looks like now, and it is extremely straightforward. Instead of just providing links to support, downloads, and the other areas of the site they have created several different action items. When a user visits the site all they have to do is select what they want to do and they’ll be taken to the proper page.

Why is this so handy? If you were new to and saw the “Extend” tab would you click on it? It’s likely that you would have no idea that has extensions, and so maybe you would think this is an area just for developers. The same page in the action item list is called “I want to do more with my,” which will likely catch the eye of a lot more users than just saying “Extend.”

They still have the one-word navigation tags located near the top of the page, but these action items take the guessing game out of where the user should go depending on what they’re looking to do. From my perspective I would say that the team really hit this dead on. Homepage