has always been lacking a good set of templates and clipart which is why “Premium” is starting to become popular. To help develop what the “Premium” version has is starting a contest to encourage people to create their own clipart and templates:

Users of‘s open source productivity suite will have a chance to win cash and prizes by submitting template and clipart designs in a contest sponsored by and The contest, which ends October 13, offers a top prize of $750 to first place winners who submit the best template or clipart design, along with cash and other prizes to second through fifth place winners in both categories. is accepting templates for four of its applications: Writer, a word processor; Calc, a spreadsheet; Impress, a presentation creator; and Draw, a graphics program. Judging is expected to take about three weeks from the close of the contest.

I think it actually sounds pretty cool so I might put together a template to submit. My fear is that people will simply download Microsoft templates and save them in the template format for their submissions. Hopefully they have some kind of way to prevent this from happening otherwise they will probably be receiving some unfriendly stares.

News Source: NewsForge