Get legal. Get is pushing for a new reason to make the switch from Microsoft Office…so that you can “Get Legal”! The article talks about a lot of statistics that I found to be very interesting:

  1. According to Microsoft 35% of the software in the world is thought to be counterfeit or otherwise illegal.
  2. 86% of users would prefer to try 2 rather than buy MS-Office 2007.
  3. Studies have shown it is ten times cheaper to move to 2 than it is to upgrade to MS-Office 2007.

I think that the statistics are good information, however, I do not agree with them using Microsoft Office 2007 as a comparison. They are comparing themselves to a product that has not even been released to the public. Many people don’t even know what to expect from MS-Office 2007 because they have had no hands-on experiences with it. I find it to be very intuitive and easy to find the tools that you are looking for which was Microsoft’s goal in redesigning the user interface.

The campaign that has started is very clever because they are actually fighting Microsoft’s fight. Why? Microsoft has been continuously implementing new anti-piracy technology into its products in hopes to stop people from using their software illegally. Now is trying to attract those people that are using illegal software! I like their thinking. “Get Legal” Campaign