Office 2007 ODF

Many of you probably aren’t aware that Microsoft has been working on an Open Document Format (ODF) Converter for Office 2007, 2003, and XP. It will essentially allow you to import files in the Open Document Format and export them as needed.

The current release is now compatible with the Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh. Once installed it will add a menu item which can be seen in the screenshot that I took above. It appears that they currently disabled the saving capabilities so right now you can only open documents, but that is still nice.

I tested it on a 380-page Writer document that had all kinds of different formatting and it seemed to do a decent job. The conversion process took about 4-minutes and it immediately saved the file to Microsoft’s DOCX filetype. From there I can edit it at my leisure and eventually I will be able to export the document back to the ODF. Unfortunately it is not like other formats where you can open it and edit the file without having to convert it to a completely different file format.

Download the ODF Add-in for Word 2007
Download the ODF Add-in for Word 2003
Download the ODF Add-in for Word XP

At this time there are only add-ins available for Microsoft Word but they do have plans to make similar ones for PowerPoint and Excel. The final Word add-in is scheduled for release on December 30, 2006 and the other add-ins should make their way out in early 2007.