Suse Kickoff Menu About three-weeks ago we got a sneak peak at the new “Start Menu” that openSuse was going to implement in their upcoming builds. The time has come for the new menu, called Kickoff, to be implemented in the openSuse 10.2 Alpha 4 release.

I’m downloading it right now because I want to see what this new menu is really like. It looks not only slick, but also very usable.

I have really gotten used to Vista’s new Start menu and the search box is the thing that I use the most. It would be horrible for me to go back to XP where I don’t have that search box.

There was already a quick demonstration of the Kickoff menu posted which shows how well thought out it is. Judging from what you have seen between Vista’s Start menu and the new Kickoff menu which one do you think is better?