Back in October 2007 openSUSE 10.3 hit the streets in style as it always does, and it came packed with the features that keep geeks on the bleeding-edge. In true Novell style openSUSE 11.0 is busting down the doors with over 200 new features including a redesigned installer, faster package management, KDE 4, GNOME 2.22, Compiz Fusion, and more!

Personally I’ve been an openSUSE user for years, but have found myself migrating towards Ubuntu because of the broader support. For some reason I’ve just never been able to warm up to the GNOME interface, and I find myself missing the Kickoff menu that can be found in openSUSE’s KDE desktop:

(GNOME on left, KDE on right — Click to Enlarge)
opensuse 11 gnome.jpg opensuse 11 kde.jpg

And, of course, openSUSE 11.0 has even more of the Compiz Fusion goodness that we’ve all come to love. Compiz Fusion, for those of you that don’t know, is what gives Linux all of the fancy effects you’ve likely seen in video demonstrations, such as the 3D cube for managing your virtual desktops. The problem is that everyone wanted to get these effects on their system, but the darn configuration manager is so overwhelming that most users (at least the ones I know) never bothered.

openSUSE 11.0 has conquered that problem by offering a simple Compiz Fusion configuration manager, which is especially important since Compiz Fusion is automatically installed on all openSUSE 11.0 setups. What you can do now is select from various profiles depending on how extreme you want the effects to be. You can choose to have the minimal number of effects applied, or you can go all out. Here’s a screenshot of the simple configuration manager, along with the “sphere” representation of your open windows:

opensuse 11 compiz.jpg

Don’t worry, if you prefer the advanced configuration manager for Compiz Fusion that’s still available as well.

As if all that wasn’t enough you’ll also get Firefox 3.0 for browsing the web, Banshee 1.0 for playing media (including support for iPods & podcasts), 2.4 for all of your office tasks, and NetworkManager 0.7 which supports EV-DO cards. All of this and more is available in openSUSE 11.0!

Download openSUSE 11.0 [via Download Squad]