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I’ve never been a big Opera user. I have tried it on several occasions over the years, dating way back to the time that you either had to pay for Opera or get the ad-supported version. Its lack of extension support has always been its Achilles’ heel in my opinion. At long last, this issue was addressed when Opera 11 was released a few weeks ago.

Aside from adding support for extensions, Opera 11 introduces tab stacking. Whenever you find yourself in situations where you have more than ten open tabs, this feature helps reduce the clutter by allowing you to group tabs together in tab containers.

Visual mouse gestures are the last major new feature in Opera 11. Opera added support for mouse gestures ages ago, but the browser now shows instructions while you’re performing them, which is really helpful if you can’t remember all the gestures by heart. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you can watch a demonstration here.

Personally, I think that their new features are more of an attempt to catch up with other browsers than a real incentive to start using Opera. That said, if you’re a big Opera fan, this is a fantastic upgrade.

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