Opera 9 Has Been Released

Opera 9 has been released and it is awaiting your download. This release is very very big for them because they have a lot of great new features. One of the most hyped features is the ability for users to add widgets. I love their widgets because they don’t take up a bunch of unnecessary memory when you run them, for example if you add 5 or so widgets you might see your memory increase just 1-2MB. I am sure, just like other widget/gadget services that this one will grow and contain 1000’s of widgets for the user to select from.

Other features that you may find useful are the built-in BitTorrent downloader, tabs have thumbnail previews, and site-specific preferences. That is just a small list of what you will find new in this release.

I have been using Opera 9 Beta off and on for the last few months and it has worked great for me. The only thing that I don’t like is the lack of support from Google to make their services Opera compliant. I use the Google Notebook, Calendar, and Bookmarks quite often and I am not able to give those up. I will be, however, using Opera 9 for some things because it is a very powerful browser.

Thanks for the tip Samir!