Opera 9 Will Get Widgets For Tuesday's Preview

People seem to be pretty excited about Opera 9 and the addition of ‘widgets’. It will allow users to bring information from all around the web to one central location in your browser. Opera will bundle 10 widgets along with the browser to get the ball rolling but has hopes that developers will catch on and build their own.

Another amazing feature is that Opera is going to have an integrated Bittorrent download manager. This means you will no longer need a separate Bittorrent client to download your files! Talk about simplicity!

Despite being a huge Firefox fan I will still be waiting for Tuesday so that I can give a test run to this second preview of Opera 9. The first preview didn’t exactly strike me as being amazing or the next generation browser. I can’t wait to see what other kind of rabbits they pull out of the hat!

Download Will Be Available Tuesday Here News Source: CNET News