Opera 9.01

Another new build has been released by the Opera team as they continue to prove their dedication to providing wonderful software. The Opera team is nearing a Release Candidate for Opera 9.01 and they are looking for testers.

Here is a list of changes for 9.01 so far:

  • Empty spam puts messages in trash again
  • Fixes to contenteditable
  • Several stability fixes
  • Several IMAP fixes
  • Open image in mail does now opens in new tab
  • Fixed bug where inline error messages opened blank
  • Fixed bug where Java Applet did not load when width and height set to 0
  • Chat colors (re)fixed
  • Search field now shows dropdown when using the down arrow key.
  • Fixed bug where Error console constantly appeared by renaming preference from “Console Filter” to “Error Console Filter”
  • Filters with huge numbers of mail will now act significantly faster.

You can still download Opera 9 if you don’t want to jump in and be a tester, which is completely understandable. Go Opera!