Opera 9.02We knew it was coming soon and it is finally here: Opera 9.02! The list of changes is actually longer than I thought it was going to be but here are a few good ones to point out:

  • Fixed quick find field in Windows panel.
  • Fixed high CPU usage while downloading big emails.
  • Properties can now be accessed within the contacts and bookmarks panel after deleting items.
  • Image attachments can now be saved using the context menu.
  • Fix for playing sound clips on Amazon.
  • Multiple stability improvements, including a stability issue on my.yahoo.com.
  • Improved handling of downloads when the disk is full.
  • Improved handling of Web site logins on slow connections.
  • Windows: Fix to allow opera to be set as default browser using the prompt at startup.
  • Windows: Fix for attaching read-only files in mail.
  • Windows: Support for the Windows XP Media Center Edition remote control.

They also fixed a critical security flaw which would allow a forged SSL certificate to be accepted. So if you haven’t upgraded that is even more of a reason to go on over and download the latest version. Keep up the good work Opera!