Opera Fraud Protection

Opera has gotten most of the kinks worked out in Opera 9.10 so they are preparing to officially release it. As of right now it is sitting on their FTP but the download homepage has not been changed to reflect the new version. Going off of information that the Desktop Team has previously provided this should be a rough estimation of the changelog:

  • New Fraud protection (disabled by default)
  • Improved stability
  • Fixed problem where pages showed the incorrect favicon
  • Fixed problem where multimedia keyboard shortcuts would not work when Opera was focused
  • Fixed bug where one could not log in to Gmail with “Accept only cookies for the site I visit” enabled
  • Changed Mozilla ID string spoof to mimic Firefox
  • Fixed issue where stored passwords were lost after enabling/disabling the master password
  • Made IE ID string spoof as Windows on Linux/UNIX and Mac
  • “Save target as” and “Save to disk” now play well together
  • “Save directly to” now works
  • Fixed accidental deletion of a feed when unsubscribing
  • Fixed smooth scrolling on UNIX
  • Flash now works on FreeBSD
  • Improved error message when a dictionary isn’t installed for the spelling checker

 It is important to note that the Fraud Protection feature is disabled by default. To enable it you need to go to Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Security  and check the box that says Enable Fraud Protection. I really wish that this feature was enabled by default but I understand why they disabled it with their explanation: “It’s a new feature and we think users may need some time to get used to this idea, so we’ve made it an opt-in feature for now. Opera is about giving users the choice, after all.” Hopefully in the future they’ll realize how important this is to the browser and enable it by default, while offering the option to disable it.

Other than that there aren’t any large features that are new but there are several minor fixes. Opera is a truly amazing browser (those people who already use it know that) and the main feature I would like to see implemented into it next would be a remote storage solution for bookmarks. Other browsers have plenty of add-ons and toolbars available that let people manage bookmarks from a remote location but Opera is still lacking a good solution for it. I’m not sure if that would be considered a minor update or if it is something that will be pushed to version 10 but it is something I would love to see.

Here are the current download links for version 9.10 via their FTP (it should be up on the site within a few days):

Windows: Classic Installer | MSI Installer | International Version
Mac: DMG Installer