Opera BrowserA new release of Opera is inching closer, and right now early adopters can get their hands on the official Opera 9.2 Beta. This version actually contains a compilation of features that I have mentioned as they were in development:

  • Opera Speed Dial (pictured below) that makes it easy to keep track of your favorite sites.
  • New developer tools.
  • Anonymous usage of the browser is now being collected, but it can be turned off.
  • By default the Start Bar is disabled. This was the toolbar that would pop down when you would click in the Address Bar, and typically contained a shortcut to your homepage as well as your bookmarks.
  • …and even more

I like when Opera throws nice new features into minor releases like this. Speed Dial is something no other browser has, and with it you can keep tabs (no pun intended) on websites you frequently visit. I can’t wait to hear what Opera 10 is going to bring!

Download Opera 9.2 Beta
Source: Opera Watch

Here is what Opera’s Speed Dial looks like:

Opera Speed Dial