Opera’s development team is at it again, leaving the users in nail biting suspense! In a recent post by the Opera Desktop Team they walk you through the various codenames for upcoming releases of Opera.

Merlin is the current code base, used for 9.0, 9.1 and the coming 9.2. With Merlin, the main focus is on stability and only select new features are added. As you can see, the version number of the last preview build was 9.2, which normally indicates new functionality. The new feature is close to completion and will be unveiled here later this month. You have not seen it in a desktop browser before…

The most important planned update to Opera on desktop. Peregrine will contain significant improvements in the user interface, improved standards support, improved performance, thousands of bug fixes and groundbreaking new functionality. In other words: We’re pretty excited about it.

Previews of Peregrine will be found on this blog in 2007.

Opera BrowserFirst off, I can’t wait to see what Peregrine will offer later this year when they offer a preview release. However, I want to focus on the next release which will be version 9.2. In the quote above I made some text bold which points out a feature that we “have not seen in a desktop browser.” So what’s the new feature going to be? Opera Watch made a post and the writer, Daniel Goldman, appears to know what the feature is but says that he can’t really say anything. Readers of that blog have started the guessing game, and I’ve yet to see any suggestions that seem feasible.

Since I didn’t get any insight by reading through those comments I went over the to the Opera Desktop Team’s blog and started reading their 50+ comments. People were asking where the new build was and one of the developers commented saying:

No new build this week either, we need to polish the new 9.2 feature that we just brought over from the peregrine code branch…

A later comment by a user suggests a calendar or “browser sync” feature. The browser sync is not new to browsers because Avant already has that built-in, and Firefox has that for an add-on (I’m not sure if they’re including Firefox add-ons as part of the “not seen in a browser”). The calendar, however, would be something new as far as I know and might be something that attracts some users.

Two things that should be noted when thinking of features is that whatever it is, it was pulled from Peregrine, so I would imagine that this is big news. The other thing that they seemed to carefully mention is that the feature has not been seen in a desktop browser. Does that mean a mobile browser might already have this feature? The suspense is really killing me, but I think it will be something pretty big like a built-in calendar…what do you think?