Opera BrowserOpera 9.1 was released back in December 2006, and now several months later we are able to welcome Opera 9.2 with open arms. With new features like Speed Dial and developer tools this makes Opera even more valuable to its users. Here is a brief overview of what’s new in Opera 9.2:

  • Opera Speed Dial (pictured below) makes it easy to keep track of your favorite sites.
  • New developer tools.
  • Anonymous usage of the browser is now being collected, but it can be turned off.
  • By default the Start Bar is disabled. This was the toolbar that would pop down when you would click in the Address Bar, and typically contained a shortcut to your homepage as well as your bookmarks.
  • You can now perform searches with your default search engine by typing your query into the address bar, much like Firefox.
  • Added support for animated GIF images in skins/themes.
  • Available in 31 languages!
  • and even more

Since Opera 9.2 Beta there hasn’t been much that has changed, except for the new search method mentioned in the list above. This was something that I never understood why Opera didn’t include, but it surely makes a nice addition to an already terrific browser.

Note: For those of you keeping up with the weekly releases of Opera, this version is slightly different than the last weekly release who’s Windows build number was 8769. The official Opera 9.2 release is build number 8771.

Download Opera 9.2

Here is a screenshot of what Opera’s Speed Dial looks like for those of you who haven’t seen it yet:

Opera Speed Dial