Opera Torrent

The Opera team has been working intensely on version 9.5, and we’ll hopefully be seeing weekly builds of those coming shortly. In the meantime they have whipped up Opera 9.22 which has significant improvements to the BitTorrent downloader.

I wasn’t expecting the results to be all that great because in the past the built-in BitTorrent was kind of slow (at least compared to a standalone program). I’ve been pleasantly surprised though, and having used the "improved" build for about a week I’ve noticed download speeds comparable to what I get with uTorrent. For example, when downloading the Ubuntu operating system I was able to max out my Internet connection. Previously Opera had a tough time using more than half of what my connection had to offer.

Aside from that the new version also adds support for the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in. Microsoft had said that Opera support for Silverlight would be coming soon, and they surprisingly didn’t lie. :)

I’m still anxiously waiting to see what the Opera team is throwing into version 9.5 though. We know that it will do a great job with CSS3, and then there is some sort of feature that they’ve "censored" from a screenshot. Argh…the pain of having to wait can be enough to kill ya!

Download Opera 9.22 Build 8801
Source: Neowin