Computer Repair DoctorOpera 9.23 has been released and is ready for consumption by the general public. A majority of the things fixed in this release are credited to Mozilla’s jsfunfuzz tool that was released at Black Hat about two-weeks ago. The tool found four bugs in Opera that caused crashes, and one "highly severe" security vulnerability:

  • Fixed four crash bugs found using Mozilla’s jsfunfuzz tool.
  • Fixed a stability issue with Speed Dial.
  • Fixed a critical JavaScript security issue discovered with Mozilla’s jsfunfuzz tool: "A virtual function call on an invalid pointer that may reference data crafted by the attacker can be used to execute arbitrary code."
  • Windows Vista Only: Scrolling problem with some Microsoft mice fixed.

I’m happy that Mozilla was kind enough to release the tool for everyone to use, and I’m extremely happy that people are actually using it! As I stated last time, jsfunfuzz has caught an astonishing 280 bugs in Firefox’s JavaScript engine, and more than two-thirds of those have already been fixed. Thanks to jsfunfuzz, and the creator Jesse Ruderman, the Web has just gotten a little safer.

Now I’m hoping to see test builds of Opera 9.5 soon, and from the looks of it the Opera Desktop Team isn’t taking kindly to comments regarding future versions of the browser. Almost all comments that mention Opera 9.5 are said to be off-topic, and are consequently being removed. I’m sure it is getting annoying for them when every other comment is along the lines of "can’t wait for 9.5," but that is just their community getting excited for the release. Now commenters are referring to it as "The-Build-Which-Should-Not-Be-Named," or TBWSNBN for short. ;) I understand why it is being done, but I was pretty disappointed when I saw my comment get removed as well.

So now I can’t wait to get my hands on TBWSNBN!

Download Opera 9.23
Download Opera 9.23 using BitTorrent
Source: Opera Watch & Opera Desktop Team