opera 9.5 new theme.png

The Opera browser has been prancing around with the same ol’ theme for several years now, which can easily be seen from our look back at older versions of popular browsers. Needless to say a makeover has been long overdue, and it’s now here! The new theme is dubbed Sharp, and is currently available in the latest snapshot release of Opera 9.5.

As you can tell from the screenshot above they decided to go with a more metallic look this time around. There are a few aspects that I find rather intriguing, most of which lie in the tab bar. The first thing that I’m sure you noticed is the shrunken close button that has been aligned near the upper-right corner of each tab. That’s unlike anything else we’ve seen in other browsers, but I’m left wondering whether it’s actually a little too small? And then there’s the new tab button that is always located after the very last tab… that’s probably my favorite part of the whole theme. It looks, well, sharp. ;)

I actually think that the entire theme is easy on the eyes, except for that darn refresh button. I know that they wanted to make it stand out, but that’s a little much if you ask me. When I asked Ashley what she thought of the button her response was “it looks like the recycling icon.” Come on Opera, make the refresh button look like the others. Consistency is important.

Post your thoughts on the new theme below. Is it too dark? Do they need to add more color? Is it something that will just appeal to geeks, or would a casual user find it attractive as well? What could they do to make it better?

Grab the latest Opera 9.5 snapshot and checkout the new theme yourself.