opera 95.png

So it was just announced that Firefox 3.0 will be coming on Tuesday, but lets not get ahead of ourselves… Opera 9.5 is here today! The Opera team has worked tirelessly to bring you the next generation browser that millions of people will find comfort in using, and what they have to show for their work is something they can really be proud of. The new Opera 9.5 not only looks great, but it also harnesses the speed and power we’ve come to love in the browser.

Before we jump right in to what’s new, lets first take a look at some of the things the development team wanted to point out:

  • The number of Opera users has more than doubled since the release of 9.0
  • We fixed a new record of bugs, including 2350 showstoppers
  • The desktop team ate 12 pizzas while fixing bugs in 9.5 RC
  • IMAP is up to 4 times as fast in 9.5 than in 9.2
  • Almost 500.000 of you were already using betas of 9.5

Just 12 pizzas in two days? Come on guys… here I thought you were real programmers! ;)

A complete list of changes is available, but here’s a general overview of what’s new according to Opera Watch:

  • Opera Link synchronizes your bookmarks, Speed Dial, and notes between Opera on different computers, and even links to Opera Mini on your mobile
  • Enhanced address bar searches your entire browsing history, including the contents of each page
  • Security enhancements: malware protection, improved fraud protection, and support for Extended Validation SSL Certificates
  • New rendering engine with improved site compatibility and performance
  • Opera Dragonfly, the long-awaited tools for web developers
  • New skin

I strongly believe that the Opera Link technology is going to be something that will attract a large number of new users, especially those that use Opera Mini on a mobile device. That way they’ll be able to keep their bookmarks in sync no matter where they are at.

In addition to that list I would like to add that the mail client has undergone a tremendous overhaul that brings both performance and feature enhancements. If all of this sounds like something you want to try then maybe you should go grab yourself a hardy helping of Opera 9.5. Otherwise you can hold out for Firefox 3.0 which will be here in just a few days!

Thanks to Oropher, Omar, and Cody for the tips!