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The Opera team is pushing on after a big milestone release of their browser just a few months ago. Late last week they unveiled a pre-release version of Opera 9.60 for those of you who want to assist in the bug hunt, or just want a glimpse of what the future holds.

What’s new in this version? One of the biggest things for me is that the browser finally shows a preview of RSS feeds, and does so using a two-column layout. Pretty much every other browser out there already does this, and I was always confused as to why Opera never had their own solution. Better late than never, right?

The other nice feature is that they’re extending Opera Link to also synchronize website addresses that you type into the address bar. Once some of their other browsers, namely Opera Mini, adapts this feature it will be amazingly useful. That way it will minimize the amount of typing you have to do on mobile devices.

All of the other enhancements in Opera 9.60 fall under the Opera Mail category:

  • Opera Mail: Low Bandwidth Mode
    Low Bandwidth Mode is a setting on mail accounts that makes Opera Mail use as little bandwidth as possible. For IMAP, this means that Opera will only synchronise new messages and it will not fetch message attachments unless requested. For POP, Opera will not fetch more than the first 100 lines of a message unless requested.
  • Opera Mail: Follow/Ignore threads and contacts
    Follow and Ignore are new features for users that receive a lot of messages. It makes it easier to dismiss unimportant messages and easier to recognise important messages.
  • Opera Mail: Go To Thread
    You can now also “Go to thread” which means that you can view only the messages from that thread. Useful for those that uses flat view.

There’s no word as to when Opera 9.60 will reach final form, but I’m guessing they are on track with Firefox 3.1. That means we should see the new version released around the end of the year.

Get Opera 9.60 for Windows, Mac, or Linux