Back in September, we wrote about Opera’s plans for a browser specifically for devices like the Sony Mylo, Mood Box, and yes, even Nitendo’s Wii.  The mobile market is something that not many other companies have appeared to be interested in. Today in their latest press release, Opera has announced that a trial version will be available on Friday, December 22.

While this is just a trial version, the final version of Opera is expected around the end of March, 2007.  That too will be free to download until the end of June.  From there, if you’re wanting the browser, you’ll need to visit the Wii Shop Channel and purchase it for 500 Wii Points.

Scott Hedrick, Vice President of Devices at Opera says that “Our software brings the power and reach of the Internet to the hottest video game system available.” Their browser for devices is perfect for the varying screen sizes, and supports popular web technologies like AJAX. One thing I like about Opera is that their press releases are short, sweet, and to the point. They’re pretty laid back, and they even take the time for some fun, like in this press release with the comic above.

Anyhow, expect the trial version on Friday and let us know how it is!