Opera Continues To Release Weekly Builds

Opera continues to roll out the weekly builds even after Opera 9 was released. The Opera DesktopTeam has released two weekly builds since Opera 9’s final release and they will continue to provide them to the public as they work towards Opera 9.01.

Here is a list of changes in Opera 9.01:

  • Fixed issue with setting external source viewer, now there is a separate field for parameters
  • Fixed problem with text in forms that broke when zooming
  • Fixed bug where embedding mms:URIs and rtsp:URIs directly did not work
  • Several stability fixes
  • Hotmail localization fixed
  • Save image as doesn’t put it in transfers anymore
  • Last used search engine is now remembered
  • Using namespace in widgets now works
  • Find in page with same search word on newly loaded pages now works
  • Search engines now can’t be added without a keyword
  • Newsfeeds can now be renamed

If you have noticed any of those issues then you can download and use the weekly build. Please remember that these are not final releases so there may be some stability issues, but I have always had good luck when running these weekly builds.