Opera Anti-phishing

Opera has one of the best web browser development teams that I have ever seen. When they release products they are always intuitive, useful, and most importantly stable and secure. A few weeks ago Opera announced that the next release of their desktop browser, version 9.10, was going to have anti-phishing capabilities built-in to protect users from identity theft and fraud.

One thing that I don’t understand is why they have now decided to disable the feature by default when new users install the browser?

Fraud protection is not enabled by default anymore. We basically had to turn it on by default in the first weeklies to make sure we got as much feedback as possible in the limited time we had.

However, it’s a new feature and we think users may need some time to get used to this idea, so we’ve made it an opt-in feature for now. Opera is about giving users the choice, after all.

I agree that it is new and users will need to get used to it but this is a huge security feature and I think it should be enabled by default. Other browsers that have similar features, such as Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7, enable it and if the user wants to disable it they are more than welcome to at anytime. As they say, “Opera is about giving users the choice,” but why not the choice to disable it?

I still love Opera and this isn’t going to change what I think about it, but for the security of the users who don’t know to look for that feature they should enable it. With that being said you can go download the latest weekly if you want to test out the anti-phishing feature but it looks like you’ll need to enable it after the installation.