opera dragonfly Opera is starting to tease us with a new product that they have coming out later this year called Opera Dragonfly. They currently have it hidden under a shroud of secrecy, but they did say that “It won’t directly affect everybody, but will hopefully become invaluable for those that it does.”

That one line, at least for me, points directly to the developer tools that they’ve been working on for some time now. Being a web developer myself I have found the Firebug, a Firefox extension, to be an extremely helpful tool when creating new sites. I’m not sure what the Opera team will do to really set their offering apart from the others, but I’m sure they will have an ace hidden up their sleeve.

It looks as though Opera Dragonfly might be unveiled at SXSW in Texas, which runs from March 7th to March 16th. I’m definitely anxious to see if it has anything to do with the developer tools many of us have been waiting for.