Wii and Opera Comic

When Opera announced the other day that they were coming out with a Web browser for the Nintendo Wii I was pretty skeptical about how functional it could be. After all, I have used Web browsers on other devices other than a computer and it can be frustrating when you don’t have a mouse and keyboard. I don’t know why I ever doubted that Opera would make the browser truly amazing, but I was surely left in awe after watching the video below.

Now I don’t own a Nintendo Wii so I can’t vouch for how good it is first hand, but it looks pretty amazing. Entering text in using the on-screen keyboard is no where near as tedious as I thought it was going to be. In fact, I think the guy entered text in faster than most of the people I know who “hunt and peck” for keys on the keyboard.

I applaud the Opera development staff for their fine work at making a useful browser for a video game system. I can’t believe I was able to use the words “useful browser” and “video game system” in the same sentence. Before you know it something as simple as a flashlight will be connected to the Internet.

News Source: Opera Watch