Opera Link
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It’s no surprise that Opera 9.5 can synchronize your bookmarks with an online server, and can therefore give you access to them anywhere when running Opera 9.5! That is one of Opera 9.5’s most notable features, and the development team just stepped up their game by launching what’s called Opera Link.

With Opera Link you can access your bookmarks and Speed Dial entries from wherever you are via the link.opera.com site. Once logged in you should see an interface similar to that above, where you can add or remove bookmarks. You can’t move bookmarks between folders, or rearrange the folders for that matter, but that might be something they will work on in the future.

From the Opera Link site you can also view all of your Speed Dial entries, and it appears that they will eventually show small thumbnails of each. Right now I just get a “No screenshot available” message for each of my Speed Dial bookmarks.

And Opera didn’t stop there. They realize how popular their Opera Mini browser is becoming, and so they thought that it would be even more convenient if people could manage their bookmarks with that! Hence you can use Opera Mini 4 Beta to synchronize your bookmarks as well.

Jon von Tetzchner, Opera’s CEO, said:

We refuse to believe people should compromise their experience when they access the Web from different devices. With Opera Link, we give them a consistent experience uniquely suited to the way they want to use the Web. But as cool as we think Opera Link is now, we are already hard at work making it even more valuable to our users in the future. Opera Link means convergence without compromise.

I think the only thing that Opera Link is missing right now is direct support for the Nintendo Wii browser, and I’m not sure if they have plans to integrate it with that in the future. I’m just grateful for the multiple methods they’ve already implemented with Opera Link.

Instructions for setting up Opera Link on both Opera 9.5 Beta and Opera Mini 4 Beta can be found here.