Opera Mini 4Speculation is now over as to what the new Opera Mini 4 feature is…PC-like Web browsing! When I first saw this feature I was wondering how well it was going to work, but it is actually really incredible. Just like the iPhone you get a zoomed-out view of a website, and then you can zoom into certain areas of the site by navigating around with the cursor.

The cursor is kinda intelligent because it will snap to the content and hyperlinks as you move it around, which makes it a lot easier to pull up the content you want. Not only that, but Opera Mini arranges the content on the site in a way to minimize the amount of horizontal scrolling that you have to do. For example, on our site our large content area in the middle is shrunk down so that when you zoom in it fits the width of your phone’s screen perfectly.

Here’s a quick video of this feature in action:

Just like before Opera Mini still works by sending your website request to a remote server that pre-processes the content before sending it to you. That way they can ensure that it will look good, and in the case of Opera Mini 4 it creates a thumbnail which is what you see when you’re "zoomed out."

You can download the new Opera Mini 4 Beta by visiting this site, or you can play with it all you want with this interactive demo that they have setup. Opera Watch also has a bunch of screenshots from different sites which demonstrates how well they are rendered.

Now I just can’t wait for them to release their Flash replacement for Opera Mini.

Oh, and here is a video of Opera Mini vs. the iPhone…it’s pretty funny:

Source: Opera Watch
Opera Mini 4 Features