opera mini.jpgThe Opera Mini web browser has been able to breathe new life into mobile browsing, and that can obviously be seen in the numbers. According to Opera in June they served up more than 3.2 billion pages, which is a 9.4% increase over the previous month. The number of unique users, however, dropped slightly, but they attribute that to June having one less day compared to May.

One of the reasons that Opera Mini has become so popular is that it compresses down sites before they are sent to the user, which means they will load much faster. Opera says that pages can be compressed up to 85%, and in June alone 311 million MB (297TB) of data was compressed down to 46.7 million MB (45TB) before being sent off to handsets. Crazy!

Opera Mini works on over 800 different handsets, but on a global basis Nokia takes the crown for having the most Opera Mini users. Here are the top 10 devices on a global basis:

  1. Nokia N70
  2. Nokia N73
  3. Nokia 6300
  4. Sony Ericsson K750i
  5. BlackBerry 8310
  6. Nokia 6233
  7. Nokia 6600
  8. Samsung E250
  9. Sony Ericsson W810i
  10. Nokia 5300

What’s interesting is that when you single out the United States the top devices are vastly different. In the U.S. 9 out of the top 10 Opera Mini devices are BlackBerry’s. Guess those people with Nokia’s sure like to use Opera Mini to browse the web, unless you’re in the United States where the BlackBerry is the dominant player. ;)

Be sure to checkout the rest of the stats to see what the top websites were on a per-country basis. Looks like Google and Wikipedia are at the top on a lot of the lists.

Opera Mini Stats for June
Opera Mini Homepage