Opera MiniEarlier today Opera Watch posted a reminder of the pending Opera Mini 4 Beta release that’s coming tomorrow. What’s so big about this release? Well, only a handful of people actually know, but the Opera Mini team has posted some clues as to what the big new feature is.

The clues obviously point to music, photos, and games for the mobile browser. The real question is whether that is in regards to the specialized Flash player that Opera is known to be developing? That would make sense because of the photo slideshows available on the Web, as well as the Flash games people play. I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate a fast and efficient version of Flash on their mobile phone.

So tomorrow we’ll find out what the big news is for the next Opera Mini milestone, but in the meantime it is anyone’s guess. Maybe Opera Mini 4 will eliminate much of the need for the new YouTube Mobile. :)

Opera Mini Homepage

Thanks for the tip CoryC!