Opera Mini iPhone On Tuesday an Opera developer was asked during an interview if there were any plans to develop the Opera Mini browser for the iPhone later this year when Apple releases the SDK. The developer responded with an enthusiastic “Yes,” but didn’t expand on it.

Wired asked Opera for clarification as to whether an Opera Mini for the iPhone will actually be made. Their response was:

This is one of those cases of an enthusiastic developer answering a question theoretically. There are no current release plans for Opera Mini or any version of Opera for iPhone.

Once Apple releases the Software Development Kit (SDK) in February I would surely have to believe that Opera will be developing their browser for it. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see other browsers, such as Firefox, ported over to run on the iPhone. The browser war isn’t just on the desktop anymore!

Here’s the footage of the interview with the developer. If you only want to see his response to the iPhone question skip ahead to the last 10 seconds: