opera mini stats-1.pngOpera Mini was born back in 2005, but it wasn’t put into the hands of the public until January 2006. Since that time the browser that fits in your pocket has experienced a tremendous rate of growth. As of March 2008 it has wiggled it’s way into the hearts of over 44 million users. Pictured to the right is what their growth rate has looked like since its public launch.

Those 44 million users aren’t just browsing a single page either. In March 2008 Opera Mini served up over 2.4 billion page views, which works out to about 55 page views per user. All of those page views come out to 33 million megabytes of data, which is about 31 terabytes. Yikes!

So what sites are people using Opera Mini for? In the United States here are the top 10:

  1. myspace.com
  2. google.com
  3. mocospace.com
  4. yahoo.com
  5. facebook.com
  6. live.com
  7. hi5.com
  8. wikipedia.org
  9. itsmy.com
  10. ebay.com

And then here are the top 3 sites visited for each of the top 10 countries that use Opera Mini:

  1. Russia: vkontakte.ru, win.mail.ru, google.com
  2. Indonesia: friendster.com, id.yahoo.com, google.com
  3. China: sina.com.cn, baidu.com, google.cn
  4. United States: myspace.com, google.com, mocospace.com
  5. India: orkut.com, google.com, in.m.yahoo.com
  6. South Africa: facebook.com, google.com, intl.yahoo.com
  7. Ukraine: vkontakte.ru, google.com, darkworlds.ru
  8. United Kingdom: facebook.com, google.co.uk, live.com
  9. Germany: google.de, studivz.net, wer-kennt-wen.de
  10. Poland: nasza-klasa.pl, lajt.onet.pl, google.pl

Note: You can get the top 10 sites for each of the countries above by viewing this report.

Opera Mini’s success is pretty huge (especially in Russia), and I think everyone has used it at least once when browsing the Internet on a mobile phone. As they continue to garner approval there’s a very good chance that mobile device manufacturers will select Opera Mini as the browser to bundle with their products. There’s definitely a bright future for Opera Mini.