opera mini google Back in 2007 Opera signed a deal with Yahoo! to make OneSearch the default search engine in Opera Mini. Complaints rolled in from all of the Google fans out there, and Opera has since decided to reunite users with the Google search engine. The change will roll out on March 1st to both new and existing users alike.

This has to leave you wondering what changed for Opera that caused them to switch to Google. There’s got to be some sort of financial backing to make the switch feasible. Opera Mini is currently receiving 100,000 downloads everyday, and last month alone they served up 1.7 billion websites. With that kind of volume it doesn’t come as a surprise that the various search engines will be vying for the default spot in the browser.

I think this could be another step in Google’s quest for search dominance… particularly in the mobile arena. If you’re an Opera Mini user that is unhappy about the switch to Google there is always the option to customize the search engine that is used. Just click on the search field for the website and choose the “Create Search” option from the Menu.