opera fraud.pngOpera announced today that they have partnered with Haute Secure to include top-notch threat protection in their next-generation browser. A new snapshot of Opera 9.5 was posted yesterday that was bundled with a new theme, but the integration with Haute does not appear to be in place yet.

This partnership is good news for Opera because Haute already has add-ons available for both the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers on Windows, but Opera users were left out in the dark. And the integration of Haute in Opera 9.5 also means that it will be the first time Haute will be available on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

Here’s what Opera had to say regarding the partnership:

Together, Opera and Haute Secure block Web sites known to distribute malware as well as protect Opera users from downloading software from links designed to trigger malicious attacks. The combination of the industry’s largest database of known malware distributors from Haute Secure and Opera’s Fraud Protection architecture enables Opera users to secure their entire computers proactively from malware that threatens the security of personal data.

Malware protection being built-in to the browser appears to be a growing trend. When Firefox 3 is released in the coming weeks it too will keep users safe from both phishing attacks and malware, but not using Haute’s technology. It will be interesting to put the two browsers up against each other to see which one is more effective at detecting malware on the web.