Opera Takes Home The Gold In The Browser Speed War

Now there are many people who say Firefox rocks because it is the fastest browser around, but do they have any facts to back that up? Most are assuming that because they have heard other people say it, but when it comes down to the facts it looks like Opera beats everyone.

The browser speeds tests (results are at the source below) show that some version of Opera, in most cases, beats every other browser that is out there. We aren’t just talking about Windows either, this includes Mac’s and Linux as well!

Some of the tests show that the newest version of Opera, version 9, is the winner over the competitors. That is quite amazing since Opera 9 isn’t even released yet. It is in the Beta stage so it is still being fine tuned!

I give props to the Opera developers for making such a fast, secure, and reliable browser.

View The Results From The Browser Speed War