Here’s a little more Friday Fun for you. Below you’ll find an image of a moving dancer. Is she moving clockwise or counter-clockwise? Depending on how your brain works, you will see it differently. If she’s moving clockwise, you’re using your right brain and if she’s moving counter-clockwise, you are using your left brain. Some of you will be able to see her moving in both directions.

When I was first glancing at the image, she was moving clockwise. But then I looked away for a minute and refocused on the picture and she was moving counter-clockwise. After that I could change my focus and see her moving in either direction.  For Ryan, he could only see her moving clockwise. According to the Herald Sun in Australia, most of you will see her moving counter-clockwise. So what does all of this mean?

  • Left Brain Functions (counter-clockwise): uses logic, detail oriented, math and science, reality based, practical, forms strategies
  • Right Brain Functions (clockwise): big picture oriented, symbols and images, spatial perception, risk taking, impetuous

Test Your Brain

If you can only see her moving in one direction, try to close one of your eyes which should trigger your brain to think with the other side. If covering one eye doesn’t work, switch and try the other. I also noticed that I tended to see her “switch” directions depending on whether or not I was looking at her head or her feet.