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I’m always on the lookout for great bookmarklets, and I think the free online service called Print Friendly has just earned a permanent spot in my repertoire. When you go to the homepage you’ll notice that there is a spot for you to enter in the URL of a site, and doing so will cause a printer-optimized version of the page to be displayed. It analyzes the content located at the URL and tries to scrape the important information out of it. As you can see in the screenshot above that means on our site it can grab the article’s content.

The handiness of Print Friendly is not by visiting the site every time you need to do this though. I highly recommend grabbing their bookmarklet which puts the optimized version of the page just a click away. Whenever you click on the bookmarklet you aren’t even taken to the Print Friendly site like you might think. Instead the result is overlaid on the site you’re currently viewing. From there you can choose to print, save to a PDF, email, or Tweet the content. All of this without ever leaving the page you were currently on… extremely smooth!

They also have instructions available for anyone that wants to integrate this into their online Google Reader account or even a personal WordPress blog. It’s all pretty easy to do, and because of the “save to PDF” option it is also a great tool for archiving pages for future reference.

Print Friendly Homepage
Print Friendly Bookmarklet