Optimus Keyboard The Optimus blog just announced that the long awaited keyboard will now be back in color and will use OLED’s for each of the keys. This news comes about one week after they announced that the keyboard was initially going to be black and white with a pricetag of $1200. That also means that they will not be taking pre-orders next week and have instead pushed it back until February of 2007.

There is still one big question though, how much will this thing cost? If the black and white version was already at $1200 for the first batch of pre-orders I can only imagine how awful the color OLED keyboard is going to be. However, they are extremely smart to scrap the idea of doing the black and white version because hardly anyone will spend that kind of money on a keyboard, but if they do they are going to want the best version possible…not something that will be out-dated in two months.

Every time I see a picture of the OLED Optimus keyboard it almost makes my mouth water, but I would have to be nuts (or a millionaire) to see the value in buying one. If they do find that the idea is a success I could see some of the larger companies, like Logitech, stepping in and finding an innovative way to make their own version that is somewhat affordable.

So what is the maximum price that you would pay for one of these keyboards? I think my limit is somewhere around $300 but even that would be hard to stomach.