Optimus Keyboard

Many of us have been sitting tight waiting for the release of the Optimus Keyboard. It is the keyboard that will be completely made up of OLED keys which means you can control the “image” that appears an every key. Actually, let me correct that, it was supposed to be made up of the OLED keys but they decided to replace those with LCD’s about the same time they said the first keyboard will only have 103 keys instead of 113. The ten keys that were removed from the design are the one’s crossed out in the picture above but they will be available in the second release of the keyboard.

The cost has not been released on the Optimus keyboard but we have consistently been hearing that it will be about the same price as a good cellphone. Everyone estimates that to be $300 – $400 and before features started to get chopped out people were understanding of that.

What’s worse is that features continue to get taken out as we get closer to the December 12th pre-order date. Last week they made this announcement:

However, not every key on Optimus-103 will feature an LCD display. Space bar, return, both shifts, numeric keypad, the arrow keys and some other keys of secondary importance will all have only LED backlights.

Wait…that’s not all. They also made this announcement today:

Optimus-103 will use black and white displays (B&W is perfect for 95% of all tasks a keyboard requires). Color will come later at a greater price.

So while the concept of the keyboard is cool I think there are a lot of things being compromised that we all thought it was going to have. For me the black & white keys was what put me over the edge and made me disappointed. The only way the Optimus 103 would seem worth it to me is if the price is around $100…but I don’t think it will be.