Optimus Maximus Keys Price

The first 400 Optimus Maximus 113 key OLED keyboards will be shipping in December, and 3 new configurations have been announced for those people that might be on more of a budget. I use the word budget loosely…

  • 1 active key (the Space Bar) = $462
  • 10 active keys (on the left-side of the keyboard) = $599
  • 47 active keys (main keys in the middle) = $999
  • 113 active keys (the entire keyboard) = $1564

Now it is nice that they are trying to offer some “budget-friendly” configurations, but who would pay $462 to have the Space Bar be the only active key? All I can say is … wow! I can get a laptop or two desktop computers for under $450, so I wouldn’t be able to stomach spending that much on a keyboard no matter how cool it is. Here’s hoping that the cost to manufacture the Optimus Maximus drops rather quickly. :D

Oh, and they did say that the single and 10-pack of OLED keys will be available for pre-order soon. One OLED sells for $15 according to them so you can expect the 10-pack of keys to run upwards of $150.

Who’s in for a new keyboard? ;)