Organize files in folders

Sometimes a folder can get overwhelmingly unorganized, and trying to sort it out manually would take forever. That’s where a program like Folder Axe is handy. You can throw a huge directory of files and folders at it, and then choose how it should sort the files. It will then organize them into directories or ZIP them up for easy archival based on the parameters you specify. It will take less than a minute to organize the files that could have otherwise taken hours.

So what are the different sorting options? Here are the six different ways you can organize your files and folders:

  • Split by amount – Specify the number of files each resulting folder is limited to
  • Split by size – Specify the size limit of each resulting folder
  • Split by name – Created folders based upon the first X number of characters in file names, where setting this to 1 would create a folder for files starting with “A”, another for “B”, and so on.
  • Split by file type – Files split into folders according to their extensions
  • Split by file group – Files split into seven pre-defined groups (documents, images, videos, etc…)
  • Split by date – Files split into folders by hour, day, month, or year

Pretty neat, huh? I’m guessing most people won’t use an app like this very often, but it can be extremely valuable the times you do need it.

Folder Axe Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)