As we’ve mentioned this week already, tomorrow is Bill Gates’ last day at Microsoft in a full-time position. It’s what he’s known for the last several decades, and it’s the company he co-founded, so this is big news. People are putting together various tributes to the man who helped change the world we live, and BBC decided to take a look at the original Microsoft staff and see where they are today.

You’ve probably already seen the photo below because we included it in an earlier article about “Little known Facts About Bill Gates.” It shows the early team that made up Microsoft in 1978. They sure look young, don’t they? This photo was taken back when they were based out of New Mexico.

Microsoft team 1978

Recently the gang (even though all of them but Gates have left Microsoft) got back together for a reunion, and a new picture was taken.

microsoft crew reunited.png

All are pictured in the updated picture except Bob Wallace who died in 2002 (back row, middle in the original), and they are all standing in the same spots. They managed to emerge out of the 70′s pretty well, didn’t they?

It was definitely a smart thing for them to get together and re-take the picture, because now it will be even more memorable.

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  1. Full size images here: []

  2. I don’t think that I’ve seen so many millionaires in one picture.

  3. What a great picture! Reminds me of when I reunited with my prison buddies.

  4. Anonymous wrote:
    Full size images here: []

    Nice… the high-res is pretty nice.

    CoryC wrote:
    I don’t think that I’ve seen so many millionaires in one picture.

    My first thought was along the same lines. I was thinking about how there has probably never been a before/after picture with so many people who started with very little and ended up with a lot.

  5. Well, I wouldn’t exactly say “stared with very little” concerning a few of these cats. Gates and Allen went to the prestigious Lakeside High as kids and ended up at Ivy League schools. Relatively speaking, yes, they did have “very little”…relative to the billions they now amass.

  6. That original picture looks like it was taken at an Olan Mills.

    Anyone born before 1986 should get that…

  7. The most amazing achievements of groups of all time, credited to these folks who gave it their all, The world is changing and will change leaps and bounds because of MS and Apple. Space is next…

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