The December 2007 market share stats for operating systems and web browsers are in. I wouldn’t say any of the numbers are that shocking because patterns have emerged for many of them, but looking back one year ago shows some pretty impressive results.

For the stats that we’ve posted below we’re using the data provided by Net Applications. Generally this has been looked at as a fairly accurate representation of the market share for browsers, but when it comes to operating systems it’s not quite what you would expect. That’s because it is only able to analyze the computers that are browsing the Internet, which eliminates nearly all of the servers out there that are never used for that purpose.


The general trend with browsers is exactly what you would expect it to be. The standards compliant browsers are reaping the benefits of their hard work. Browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Opera have all increased their market share over the past year, while Internet Explorer is looking at a nearly 4% drop.

Market Share Browsers 

–Operating Systems–

There is a new operating system that wasn’t available last year, and it has already been able to make its way onto the charts. What is it? The iPhone! It only has a small market share right now, but for only being around 7 months I would say that it’s doing pretty darn good. Aside from that the Windows market share has dropped over 2%, with Mac and Linux coming in to scoop it up. Linux’s market share is still a little weak, but it did almost double which is pretty significant.

Note: As I mentioned above this would not include stats from servers and such which are not used for browsing the Internet.

Market Share Operating Systems