WordPress.com is the home of nearly 1.4 million blogs, and in a days time they receive upwards of 12 million pageviews. There’s roughly 75,000 new posts among those blogs each day, along with 30,000 comments (not including the ones caught by Akismet). For that reason WordPress.com is an accurate measure of what tools the blogosphere is using.

Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress, has posted some browser and operating system stats for the 115 million pageviews on WordPress.com in the last month. I’ve created pie charts using the information he posted to make the data easier to visualize:

WordPress.com Stats

As you can see IE has a much smaller market share among the blogosphere compared to the normal web usage stats. There were a few shocking points, and one of them is the slow adoption of Internet Explorer 7. I would have thought that the blogosphere would be more inclined to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.

The other thing I found interesting was the relatively small Mac usage…Linux is even catching up to the Mac. Windows of course rules the operating system market with a whopping 90%, but the PSP managed to scrape in nearly 35,000 pageviews from the 115 million.

WordPress.ORG is a slightly different story when it comes to the stats, which is probably because the people visiting the site are slightly more tech savvy. These people are likely looking to start their own blog on their own server, and that’s not exactly something the average Joe would do. Here’s what the stats look like for WordPress.org:

  • 52.73% – Firefox
  • 36.77% – Internet Explorer
  • 5.65% – Safari
  • 2.89% – Opera

More WordPress.com stats are available here, including how many YouTube videos are embedded each day, how many files are uploaded, and how many blogs are being created. Check it out…it’s pretty interesting.

Source: Photo Matt [via Mozilla Links]