osx or vista It’s always amusing to read why people think one operating system is better than the other.  Of course we are all titled to our own opinions, but people can really get defensive when it comes to their operating system of choice even if they have no knowledge of, or have never used the other operating system. In our opinion at least, at the end of the day, there are reasons why Vista is great and reasons why OS X is great. By asking someone who used both on a regular basis, they could probably tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of each operating system. Do they both have their problems? Of course! Do they both have some great features about them? Why of course! If they didn’t, people wouldn’t use them.

Given this, you’ll understand why we found it amusing when Computer World recently wrote an article titled “Five Reasons why Vista Beats Mac OS X.” When TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) wrote their reasons why OS X was better to respond to what Computer World (CW) wrote, the situation got even more interesting. Here’s a quick look at what Computer World wrote and then how TUAW responded.

  1. CW: Vista runs more software
    TUAW: “Is software ever really about quantity over quality?”
  2. CW: Vista is safer
    TUAW: “The BSD base of OS X has certainly proved itself over the years and to say otherwise is just a staggering example of either stupidity or arrogance”
  3. CW: It’s the money, stupid. “If like most of the world, you’ve got to work for a living, then you’ll find that a Vista machine is far less expensive than a Mac.”
    TUAW: “For many consumers, they want something that will last more than a year. For a one-year purchase, a $600 PC is fine — but if you want to keep something around for a while, the price point is going to be almost exactly the same Windows or Mac.”
  4. CW: The Mac is closed; Vista is open
    TUAW: “If you are building your own computer, you aren’t looking for official support anyway — voiding the warranty is part of the fun. You can tweak out your iMac or you MacBook in amazing ways. Overclocking is so 2003 anyway.”
  5. CW: Two words — Steve Jobs
    TUAW: Two words — Steve Ballmer

All of these arguments seem a little silly, don’t they? People use what they use for a reason, right? In the end, it comes down to personal choice. Any thoughts?