After installing the new WordPress update on Sunday, for some reason it became more apparent how many posts have been published on CyberNet. We’re not sure if they changed the font, made it more bold, or what, but we realized we hit our 5,000 published posts milestone sometime last week and we missed it! As of writing this post, 5,030 articles have been published.  Counting back to 5,000, we found out that the lucky post was Ryan’s CyberNotes from last Wednesday (March 29th) titled Browser Performance Comparisons.

cybernet 5000 milestone

It’s hard to believe that we’ve posted 5,000 articles already. For those of you that are interested, here’s a quick break-down of how many posts each of us have done.

  1. Ryan – 3,378
  2. Ashley – 1,623
  3. Pieter – 5
  4. Chris – 4

Both Pieter and Chris are All-Stars and have guest authored a few posts for us which we’ve appreciated. Chris also happens to be the author of Learn Firefox which many of you are familiar with as a great place to go to learn about the Firefox web browser. And Speaking of All-Stars, we just wanted to thank all of you who are All-Stars and have contributed in big ways to CyberNet. At this point, the top five active All-Stars are as follows (view the complete list at the bottom of this page):

  • CoryC – 644
  • The Guru – 631
  • netster007x – 564
  • Pieter – 335
  • Google – 284

While we’re thanking people, we might as well be sure to thank all of you who contribute to CyberNet whether it be through commenting, sending a tip, posting in the Forum, passing along our site to friends, correcting our spelling/grammar mistakes, or whatever the case may be. No matter which way you contribute, THANK YOU! :)