Best Buy So Ashley and I decided to go to Best Buy to get one of their 22″ monitors that they were offering for $200. It was a great deal but they only had a minimum of 10 so we knew that we would have to get there early. We arrived at the store 7-hours early just to be about 50 people deep into the line.

We weren’t discouraged because we figured that everyone would be in line for the $250 laptop that they were offering because we heard several people talking about it around us. The laptop was a great deal but that wasn’t a primary goal and seeing that the minimum was 18 for those, we knew that there would be a very low chance of us getting one.

The weather when we arrived around 10:00 PM Central Time was about 45 degrees Fahrenheit but throughout the night dropped into the high 20’s. That made it a little hard to sleep but I didn’t think I would be doing that anyway.

About two hours before the store opened, Best Buy was sure to have their employees out amongst the crowd trying to sucker customers into getting a Best Buy Credit Card.  It worked.  I can’t tell you how many people left today with a new credit card.  They took all of the information outside, ran their information inside, and came back outside with an account all set-up. An hour before the store opened, the Best Buy employees came back outside to hand out tickets for some of the more popular items, like the $250 laptop. Needless to say we weren’t even close to getting a laptop which is definitely what we expected. They handed out tickets for other things like televisions and XM radio’s but not for the monitor we wanted…which is probably a good thing.

When the store finally opened at 5:00 AM Central Time there was a mad rush for the door and people were cutting in line all over the place. By that time, the line had grown to hundreds of people and was clearly wrapping around the back-side of the building. Being that it is an electronic store there were several police officers there to try and stop any chaos before it would even begin.

I had located where the monitors should be on a previous night so that I would know what kind of box to look for and where to look for them. They had many of the aisles blocked off because they were using them to form lines to the checkout registers…so there was really only one route to get around the store. I eventually hit the spot where the monitors were supposed to be and they were empty. I was among the first back there so my first instinct was that they moved them somewhere else. I began looking around but couldn’t find them anywhere.

Ashley was lost in the mix and I started to see people with two or three of the monitors in their cart. I figured it was hopeless and when I finally found Ashley she had emerged with one! They were apparently stacked in the middle of an aisle that happened to be adjacent to an aisle that I cut through. She said that she was the first to notice the monitors and they were sitting in the middle of the aisle in three-stacks of four, so there were twelve total.

The checkout lines were so long that we were in the store for more than an hour waiting, yet again, in line. So we got the 22″ monitor for just $200 plus buyers received a $15 gift card for every $100 they spent, which means we got a $30 gift card on top of it. Was standing in line that long worth it? It was an experience but it boggles my mind how people did it for days to get the Playstation 3. I know that I would do it again, but maybe not Best Buy.

If you don’t live in the U.S., this gives you an idea of what some crazy Americans do the day after our Thanksgiving holiday. Does anyone else have any interesting stories from their shopping experience today?