UnreadCommentsTopI thought I would give everyone a heads up about a small modification that we just made to the way you follow your unread comments here on the site.

Earlier this year we launched a big set of updates that implemented a feature to put a tilde (~) before any posts that you have commented on. We did that, and then we made the Unread Comments an optional sidebar add-on for all of our registered users because of a user request as well. This allows you to keep track of new comments left on articles from one convenient location.

On one of our previous posts netster007x wrote about how he comes to the site to followup on some comments that he has previously left. He thought it would be much easier if all of the articles that he commented on himself were listed at the top of the Unread Comments module. I thought it was a great idea…so a few tweaks later and it was done!

The screenshot pictured to the right demonstrates what the module looks like when grouping articles that you have left comments on. Remember, this system is purely cookie based so if you don’t have cookies enabled this won’t work. That also means if you clear your cookies that it will also clear your history.

Keep the comments coming, and if you think of anything that would make reading articles or following up on comments easier please be sure to let us know!