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One of the things that OpenOffice has always seemed to lack is an abundance of clipart and templates. Those are things that people use all of the time for making presentations, writing reports, creating budgets, and more.

These features and more are all available by installing a branch off of the OpenOffice suite called OxygenOffice Pro. It is free and open source even though we have become accustomed to “Pro” software costing money. The homepage for OxygenOffice is in German, but here is an English translation provided by Google.

It would be a little nicer if this was just an addon for OpenOffice, but instead it is a completely separate application with some new features added. Is it worth downloading? I really liked the idea of the program, but a lot of the clipart was terrible. Microsoft’s clipart isn’t all that great either, but it’s better than what this offers.

Here’s a list of features included in OxygenOffice:

  • Extensive collection of over 3,400 free clipart and photos (found under Tools -> Gallery)
  • 90 different fonts are included
  • Additional documentation and tools, like OOoWikipedia for searching Wikipedia, are also included
  • Lots of templates for doing things like writing resumes, creating budgets, and more
    OxygenOffice Templates 
  • Improvements to the OpenOffice PDF exporter
  • Can import Office 2007 documents

One of the things that you’ll have to consider when using this is that application updates will be delayed. They just released OxygenOffice 2.3 even though OpenOffice 2.3 was available over a month ago. I guess this is a good solution if you need the features mentioned above, but otherwise you should stick with the classic OpenOffice.

Download OxygenOffice Pro from SourceForge
[via Download Squad & MakeUseOf]

UPDATE: As Joe pointed out in the comments below this is also available as an OpenOffice extension, which makes it a bit more appealing.